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Zapping for the Flu and Common Cold?

05 December, 2017

Hey, Benjamin here. 

Like clockwork, we see a huge increase in orders around this time of year. With the winter weather fully set in, Cold & Flu season sets in as well. But the question on everyone's mind is, how does the Zapper work against everything going around right now?

Even though we here at Zapperplans don't make any medical claims about the Hulda Clark Zapper, we definitely see some interesting contrast this time of year compared to people who don't zap. 

Typically at this time of year, I would have already contracted 3 or 4 different viruses or pathogens, probably one stomach flu and a handful of separate cough/cold combinations. That being said, the past couple years I've been approaching the winter season with much more rigor, which basically just means I've been zapping as soon as I see symptoms of catching something. 

The results have been amazing! The number of times I've been sick has decreased exponentially. Now, that doesn't mean I haven't sneezed a couple of times, but every time I sneeze or feel a little "off" I do a zapping session the same day. So far, almost without fail, I feel better by the next day. Usually I feel better as soon as I finish the first 7-minutes. 

What seems to work the best for me is to allow some symptoms to display before starting to zap. My reasoning on that is that you should let your body's immune system kick in and take care of developing your immunities and dealing with the problem while you eliminate the source of the problem. I've heard plenty of stories over the years about people dropping a cold in no-time flat after using the zapper. I plan to continue zapping whenever I detect a problem. I expect to continue to see the same results!

All the best,


Building a Variable Frequency Zapper

09 February, 2017

Though it might seem a bit daunting, modifying the frequency of your Hulda Clark Zapper is actually quite simple.

Before we get started on what to purchase for your variable Zapper, we need to make sure you've got the right equipment. Since the electronic components involved in the making of any given Zapper can vary in values by up to 10%, depending on what you purchase, your main concern for getting exactly the right frequency is going to be having some kind of reliable frequency meter. We typically use an oscilloscope to read out the frequency of our units, but there are meters available to read frequency as well. You won't be able to get lab-level precision from these, but you'll at least be able to get in the ballpark where you can test out frequencies for yourself. 

What you need to vary frequency (roughly between 15Hz and 100kHz):

  1. CD4069 Chip.
  2. 200k potentiometer.
  3. Several capacitors:
    1. .1uf for low ranges
    2. .005uf for mid ranges.
    3. 100pf for high ranges.
  4. Resistors listed on the Zapper schematic:
    1. 1k.
    2. 1M.


Once you've put it all together, just hook up power, connect the output to your frequency counter, and tune in the frequency using the potentiometer. 

If you've got some experience with a soldering iron or a breadboard, it's pretty straightforward. It's worth mentioning, that if you wanted to, you could modify our existing model to be a variable Zapper. So if you are looking for a specific frequency, you could purchase our model replace a couple of parts, and tune in whatever frequency you want. 

Modifying the existing Zapper for specific frequencies:

If you've already purchased a Zapper from Zapperplans, or have built one from the plans using the 220k resistor and 100pf capacitor, you can modify your model to find specific frequencies. Again, you'll need something to read off the frequencies, but here are some quick ways to get some common frequencies:

  1. 30kHz - Place a 200k potentiometer in parallel (that means connect it to the same solder points) with the 220k resistor, then tune in the frequency.
  2. 2.5kHz - Replace the 100pf capacitor with a .005uf. At this point, the most precise way to get your frequency will be to replace the 220k with a 50k potentiometer and tune in the frequency. However, your 200k should be able to get you in the ballpark.
  3. 15Hz - Replace the 100pf capacitor with a .1uf. This will already get you close to 15Hz, however, you could replace the 220k with a 300k potentiometer to get closer. 

Keep in mind that not all electronic components are equal, so some experimentation with various increases or decreases in values of the potentiometer will be needed if you're trying to get really close to a specific frequency. 

Triumph Against All Odds!

29 December, 2016

Update: Although this story dates back to well over a decade ago, Kathy is still Alive and Well! We hope this story will be a great encouragement to everyone who reads it.

Spring, 2001.

A Letter From Dad... 

Share my joy with me!
I could scarcely believe my ears when my sister said her CANCER WAS IN REMISSION . . .

. . . music to my ears! Can you imagine the sheer horror and helplessness I felt when I first heard she had cancer? My gracious, she's only 47 years old (just a year older than me)! My prayer, "Help Lord! What can I do?"

I had first heard about zappers only a few years back. When I decided to start providing free plans for them (through online) and producing them at low cost I never dreamed I would need one so urgently, so close to home, so soon.

I'll never forget that fateful day when Mom broke the news while she and Dad were down for a visit. Immediately I thought, "I've got to get a zapper to her!" I said, "Mom, I'll GIVE Kathy a zapper, I make them and I've got plenty. Can you get one to her on your way home?"

Fortunately my dear, sweet Mother had recently read Dr. Hulda Clark's wonderful book, The Cure For All Diseases. Her eyes lit up as she quickly said YES she surely would.

Anxiously we awaited word as Kathy endured her chemo treatments (while zapping right along). Could she possibly survive this ordeal where only a few ever live past 5 years? We all kept praying, while Kathy kept on zapping . . .

Then came the most fantastic good news! Her cancer was in full remission -- 100%!! No more chemo and she's feeling so much better now! Thank the Lord God Almighty! Praise His name forever!

And now she just keeps on zapping. First she kept it up once a day for a couple of months. Now she zaps at least once a week for maintenance. She also adjusted her diet and her environment to eliminate all those toxins and sources of infection, parasites and what not she used to be exposed to without her knowledge.

I fully expect she and I will now grow old together and my children's children will now get to know and fondly remember their Great Aunt Kathy.

If you know anyone who is battling health problems, please send them to for free zapper plans and/or fully assembled zappers at nominal cost. We make zappers available at nominal cost so that anyone can now afford one and no one need be without this breakthrough tool.

While you know we can't (and don't) guarantee any kind of results or make any medical claims, we do feel we have personally benefited from using our zappers. We also feel you should have the opportunity to try and see for yourself how much a zapper may benefit you and your loved ones -- without mortgaging the farm for it!

See you soon at for you and your Loved ones.

God bless!

From all of us at

A quick update. It's now Springtime. Mom and Dad are here for another visit. Mom says Kathy now "swears by" her zapper while using it faithfully every day. Last checkup, her Doctors were amazed to find "no trace" of cancer! They said "some percentage" decrease is all they can ever expect.



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