Hey, Benjamin here. 

Like clockwork, we see a huge increase in orders around this time of year. With the winter weather fully set in, Cold & Flu season sets in as well. But the question on everyone's mind is, how does the Zapper work against everything going around right now?

Even though we here at Zapperplans don't make any medical claims about the Hulda Clark Zapper, we definitely see some interesting contrast this time of year compared to people who don't zap. 

Typically at this time of year, I would have already contracted 3 or 4 different viruses or pathogens, probably one stomach flu and a handful of separate cough/cold combinations. That being said, the past couple years I've been approaching the winter season with much more rigor, which basically just means I've been zapping as soon as I see symptoms of catching something. 

The results have been amazing! The number of times I've been sick has decreased exponentially. Now, that doesn't mean I haven't sneezed a couple of times, but every time I sneeze or feel a little "off" I do a zapping session the same day. So far, almost without fail, I feel better by the next day. Usually I feel better as soon as I finish the first 7-minutes. 

What seems to work the best for me is to allow some symptoms to display before starting to zap. My reasoning on that is that you should let your body's immune system kick in and take care of developing your immunities and dealing with the problem while you eliminate the source of the problem. I've heard plenty of stories over the years about people dropping a cold in no-time flat after using the zapper. I plan to continue zapping whenever I detect a problem. I expect to continue to see the same results!

All the best,