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Due to the current national emergency, we thought it would be helpful to update our links page with some of our favorite resources.

Bulk Foods & Suppliments
This is one of our favorite places to buy bulk health foods and specialty herbs etc. They have decent prices and shipping rates.

Azure Standard

We have been ordering many of our bulk natural foods, health foods and suppliments from Azure Standard for many years. They offer shipping by mail, as well as group-buy and co-op options in many areas.

Organic Matters
This is is one of the best sites for Canadians to order bulk organic natural foods, herbs and more. The prices are good and shipping is super reasonable.

Natural Skin & Body Care

Simplici Soap Factory

We love using natural bar soap in place of as many shower, bath and cleaning products as possible. Real natural soap is gentle on your skin, extremely effective at removing germs and viruses from your hands, doesn't contain harmful chemicals or require plastic bottles that end up in the land fill. Simplici is a reliable source for chemical free soaps as well as balms for dry skin.

Mountain Rose Herbs Bath and body, herbs and home goods. This company has a great reputation and great products.

Health Information sites

Weston A. Price Foundation

Our family, including Aunt Kathy (who completely recovered from breast cancer) has found the WAPF to be invaluable in creating vibrant health through diet and nutrition. Traditional foods are key to gaining and maintaining our best health and preventing disease.

Cure Zone
This is a very long standing forum where people discuss their experiances with alternative thearapies, remedies and health related information. We are not affilated in anyway, we just have found it helpful to search and interact with real people over there.

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