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If you're looking for the $10 unit, you're in the right place. Check out our 30kHz Rechargeable Unit for an even more convenient zapping experience.

There are a number of good reasons you may prefer having us assemble your Zapper for you rather than building your Zapper yourself. You may lack the time. You may lack the necessary skills to read and follow electronic schematic diagrams. Or you may just want to know you're getting the real deal and/or not have the right equipment to properly test your handiwork.

With this in mind, we have decided to make Zappers available to you for a very small investment. Because no one should be forced into putting off researching such an important health implement purely over financial considerations. Because our professionally assembled Zappers will prove that much easier for you to use, and take along with you wherever you go, than other Zappers.

Hulda Clark Zapper Specifications:
Circuit dimensions: 19.1mm x 12.7mm
Power input: 9V Battery (Not Included)
Output Lead Length: 3 ft (~1m)
Output Frequency: ~14.1 kHz
Also Included: (2) - 3" Copper Electrodes
(1) Set of Instructions

Orders for 10 get an additional unit FREE- Of-Charge!

This Fully-Assembled Clark Zapper is one of the smallest and most power-efficient designs on the market. Using CMOS Circuitry (as opposed to analog) as well as professional circuit manufacturing facilities, we are able to bring you a cost-effective, compact, and reliable circuit.

According to Dr. Clark's Book:
"... Any positively offset [DC] frequency kills all bacteria, viruses and parasites simultaneously given sufficient voltage (5 to 10 volts), duration (seven minutes), and frequency (anything from 10 Hz to 500'000 Hz)." ("The Cure For All Diseases" Page 15)

We aim to offer you an affordable, reliable Zapper with precise square wave frequencies so you don't have to settle for second-best.

The circuit is a DC Positive offset frequency of 14.1 KHZ at 9 Volts.

Your Zapper comes with a full set of instructions as well as two 3" copper electrodes which can be bent in to rings. A full video tutorial is available for our ring design.

The output leads are 3-ft in length.

Price: $10.00 US funds.
* Parts and US domestic shipping and handling are included at $3.00 Flat-Rate.
* Parts and US domestic shipping and handling are included at $5.00 Flat-Rate.

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(In view of the savings - why not get a couple or even a dozen or more - and "share the Love" with all your friends!)

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Order With Confidance:
When you order from, you may order confidantly knowing you're getting the real original Zapper, "Home of the original $10 Zapper - accept no substitutes".

With more than a decade plus experience providing Zappers all over the world, strives to provide you the most reliable, easy to use, and most economical Zapper available to you anywhere.

We care about you.

Zapperplans 365-Day Return & Refund Policy

Our policy is that if you are in any way disatisfied with your purchase, we will refund your purchase or replace your unit at your request. We request that you give the unit to somebody in need if you do not wish to mail it back to us. We are available to contact through the website Contact Page Here.

Free Zappers!
Order 10 Zappers and get an additional Zapper free! That's right, simply order any multiple of 10 Zappers and we will automatically ship you another free Zapper for every 10 you order!

Evan better, you can now order in multiples of a hundred or more Zappers with cleared funds and we will actually double your savings by including not just 10 but 20 additional Zappers at no additional charge to you, for each and every hundred you order.
Any multiple.
* When you order hundreds, please allow 45 to 90 days turn around time for completion and shipping out to you. For even larger quantities, please contact us directly via the information you will find on our "Contact us" page linked from home page.

** Larger orders will be shipped to you in most cases carrier insured at no extra charge!

No limits!
* Order 1 and get just 1 (we will ship you just 1)!
* Order 2 and get just 2 (we will ship you just 2)!
* Order 10 and get 1 free (we will ship you 11)!
* Order 50 and get 5 free (we will ship you 55)!
* Order 100 and get 20 free (we will ship you 120)!
* Order 500 and get 100 free (we will ship you 600)!
That's some discount!
Order any amount you like!

* When you place your order through PayPal, you will receive an email from PayPal, with an item listed in your account as well, confirming your order. We receive copies as well, so we always get your order right for you. Please check your email and your PayPal account. PayPal gaurantees your order and your payment gets directly to us every time.

Should you need to contact us for any reason, please first read through the "Contact us" page linked from home page. Then kindly follow the quick and easy instructions you will find listed there.

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